About this site

Class Doodles is dedicated to sharing the different artwork created while students take notes in class. Register a username, share doodles, comment on others’ artwork, and engage in discussions.

Where did this idea come from?

One day I was sitting in class drawing all over my notes. The drawings became so intricate that I was pretty impressed with them. Than I thought, how cool would it be if there was a site dedicated to sharing these kinds of drawings. Need anymore info? 😉

How to Participate

The site is very new and functionality will increase with time. Register a username to comment on any doodles you like. Registered users may also add other users as friends. If you would like to submit a doodle there are currently 2 options which are explained in the Submit a Doodle section.

Do doodles need to be on class notes?

While the concept of the site originated from doodles drawn in class, many of us doodle in a variety of situations. We will accept anything, submit and share!

Contact the Admin

You can either email admin@classdoodles.com, or send a private message to Ithacadoodleking if you are a registered member.

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